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New MK logo

A new chapter of MK’s history is about to open…


Proudly being part of a group with 100 years of history

MK has joined Joncoux Group in 2012. At the beginning of the last century, this family-owned business founded in France was originally manufacturing pipes and crimped elbows for domestic kitchen equipment. Over the years, the company quickly expanded beyond its frontiers to become a front-line player in Europe with a renowned expertise in design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative high-quality chimney and ventilation systems. The Group has developed a growing EU footprint with leading brands and solutions portfolio: Apros in Italy, Eurotip in Belgium, Isotip-Joncoux & Lorflex in France, MK in Germany & Poland and WeLab®, its innovation center.

In 2019, the Group has celebrated its 100th anniversary and adopted a new name: Sphering Group, a more international and dynamic name to reflect its position and support its expansion.



A new visual identity

MK is now adopting a new logo. This major change is part of a global new brand architecture built to reinforce the image of the Group and unify the identities of all the companies.

The new MK logo is combining modern lettering and the arrangement of two hemisphere shapes reminding of the first letter of each company’s name. The logo is keeping its well-known and historical blue color.



A group culture with shared values and an ambitious vision for the future…


Embraced by MK and all other Sphering Group companies, CARE is the cornerstone of our corporate culture.

It seems to be a simple word but it is meant to express what is driving us:  we CARE to do well by doing good: with our Customers, our Employees, our Suppliers for secured and efficient products, for the environment and the society.

As bold innovators, we dare to constantly set new standards by developing cutting-edge technologies to make buildings safer and providing high-performance heating or cooling systems using less resources.

As partners, we are proud to manufacture and distribute locally, we share common interests with our customers to develop businesses. We are committed to designing secure and custom-made solutions to meet the very specific needs of every installation in every market.

As sustainable development actors, we care about contributing to secure durable and healthier buildings and a cleaner air for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. We also relentlessly strive to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We believe that flue and air care can make a difference to everyone in their well-being and peace of mind.

Everyday, CARE is what we do and who we are.


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