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100 years of the Joncoux Group

2019 is a special year for the Joncoux Group, because the Group celebrates 100 years in business. And MK is a part of the family since 2012.

The Joncoux Group is a leader among manufacturers of chimney and ventilation systems in Poland, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy.


On the occasion of the jubilee, we have summarized achievements of the Group and planned direction of development for next years.


The Joncoux Group has been created in 1919. Since then we are a professional manufacturer of innovative chimney systems used in public and private buildings. The Group has autonomous production plants: Isotip-Joncoux (France), Eurotip (Belgium), MK and MK Deutschland (Poland and Germany), Apros (Italy) and distribution centres: Lorflex (France and Benelux) and DTN (France).



The Group offers solutions for heating appliances for gas, oil, wood, pellets, coal and eco-pea coal, which are used in residential, industrial, commercial and public utilities. The diverse range of industrial chimney systems includes systems for power generators (UPS) and cogeneration units (CHP).



The offer also includes chimney liners and free-standing chimneys, as well as ventilation solutions. The Joncoux Group does not have one specific offer, and this is due to the diversity of building regulations in European countries.


For example – in Poland, houses are usually equipped with a brick chimney for which a single-wall system is needed. Then again in Germany, fireplaces are usually placed against external wall, for which a twin wall chimney is needed, and in France, a triple wall system is used more and more often.


Constant development brings changes and soon we will tell you more about it.


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