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Condensate neutralizers for condensing and turbo boilers

We now offer condensate neutralizers for condensing and turbo boilers.

NSK condensate neutralizers are not designed for this type of stoves, so we have expanded our offer with such products that are designed for operating conditions for condensing and Turbo gas boilers.


NEUTRAKON 01/25         < 35 kW

NEUTRAKON 02/50         < 65 kW

NEUTRAKON 03/150         < 150 kW

NEUTRAKON 04/300         < 300 kW



An acidic condensate is formed in the chimney when using a condensing boiler for combustion of natural gas. Moisture is generated in the fume exhaustion installation when the point of water vapour condensation is reached. This moisture combines with the materials contained in the fumes to form acidic compounds. These mainly consist of a sulphuric acid solution with aggressive characteristics. Neutrakon ® prevents damage by filtering the condensate produced, changing its pH to neutral. This is a simple, cheap and effective solution.


a)    Each kWh of natural gas consumed produces 0.14 litres of condensate. Neutrakon® Gas condensate neutralizers neutralize depending on their power/performance:

Neutrakon® 01/25: 4.9 l/h

Neutrakon® 02/50: 9.1 l/h

Neutrakon® 03/150: 21 l/h

Neutrakon® 04/300: 42 l/h

b)    They can be mounted  to walls and floors

c)    Different types have different dimensions depending on their power

Interestingly, granules purify themselves. The carbon dioxide from the aggressive condensate is combined      with granules to form magnesium bicarbonate Mg (HCO3)2, while NOx combines to form magnesium nitrate Mg (NO3)2. Both compounds are soluble salts that are widespread in nature. The granules are approved for treatment of drinking water. Used granules can be safely disposed of in a trash can.


On request we also offer condensate neutralizers for oil-fired boilers and stoves with greater power-output.

If you have any questions regarding Neutrakon condensate neutralizers, please contact our R&D department, tel: 68 458 19 33 or


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