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MK belong to the Isotip- Joncoux

We are pleased to inform that on the 10.05.2012 the sales procedure of our company has been successfully finished. Since this day we belong to the Isotip-Joncoux group from France.

The group deals with designing, production and sales of flue systems for all kinds of heating appliances and for all kinds of fuel (gas, fuel oil, wood, pellets, biomass). The strategic markets of Isotip-Joncoux are France and Belgium – thus there are 5 plants owned by Isotip-Joncoux in these countries. Each of the plants is highly autonomic, nevertheless, they remain in strong connection with each other. Such organization allows for high flexibility and reactivity which are indispensable in the construction branch. We have now joined this group. The newly established group consisting of Isotip-Joncoux and MK employs in total over 400 people in 4 countries (France, Belgium, Poland, Germany) with the level of sales of 60 mln EUR yearly.


Due to the fact that by this time the company Isotip-Joncoux has not been selling on the Polish and German market, MK will continue the marketing strategy developed throughout the last years. Still Poland and Germany will remain our basic markets where we will strive to develop all the time. The task will be simplified by the fact that we can exchange our experiences within the group and broaden our range by products of Isotip-Joncoux f.ex. flue systems using plastics, systems for biomass heating appliances, cascades, additional flex products, three-walled systems for passive houses and others.


We remain with the same brand and will be still developing on our strategic markets under the MK logo. The basic range of products, as it has been by this time, will be actively adjusted to your needs. We will still focus on the quality of our products, which had always distinguished us on the market. The present directors of MK (including the CEO) will still be responsible for managing and developing the Polish and German markets. The contact persons also remain unchanged. The union of our companies will give us all a chance for development and creating a group which will able to give a customer even more full-scale and professional service.


The MK team is very optimistic about the recent changes. Thanks to the cooperation with the Riverside fund we managed to improve internal processes inside the company and stabilize our market strategy. The new partner from the chimney branch will allow further, safe and stabile development of the company.


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