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Solid fuels – PEA COAL

MK Systemy Kominowe has in its offer heat-resistant systems for pea coal boilers. 

Pea coal is a solid fuel produced from hard coal, meant to be used for producing energy in low-emission retort boilers. High-quality pea coal is produced from high-calorie coal with a low sulphur, water and inflammable substance content.
Thanks to this combustion results in limited amounts of sulphur oxides and relatively little ash.

It is important to choose the right chimney diameter for pea coal boilers. Often such stoves are characterised by their high efficiency and in order for them to be able to operate in dry conditions (a pre-requisite for proper operation) the chimney must be carefully selected. Our company can assist in the selection of the correct diameter. Please fill in the matching chimney form in the expert zone and send it to the specified address.

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