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CE Certificate

All Chimney Systems manufactured by MK Systemy Kominowe have the CE mark. 

Marking/CE marking is a declaration of the manufacturer affixed to the product stating that it complies with the requirements of EU directives

CE marking for stainless steel chimneys is performed through a 2+ evaluation system. Under it, the manufacturer is obliged to complete comprehensive preliminary testing of the chimney in a laboratory and on top of that a certified entity:

* verifies every year whether the manufactured product is of the same quality as the product tested
* quality control of the manufacturing process is performed to ensure that the process meets CE requirements, as defined in the Facility Manufacturing Control Instruction.

The CE marking for a stainless steel chimney may be given only by a certified entity – in the case of MK Systemy Kominowe this is the MPA institute in Germany

Each parameter of a chimney’s specification should be in the class at least equal or higher than the desired class of the heating device that is to be used with the chimney as in the order below:

– T600 > T450 > T400 > T300 > T250 > T200 > T160 > T140 > T120 > T100 > T080;

– P > N;

– W3 > W2 > W1;

– D3 > D2 > D1;

– W > D under the same corrosive load;

– Gxx > Oxx;– xx (low) > xx (high);


  • T is the temperature class– Proper selection of the material for the chimney is dependent on the fuel type and the type of heating device (class B or C devices). Prior to the selection of the chimney construction material, the chimney designer should diligently analyse the type and nature of the heating device that is to be used. This will make it possible to select the temperature class of the chimney in relation to the temperature of fumes from the operation of the heating device. Temperature classes of chimneys are specified in the requirements of the standard PN-EN 1443:2005 Chimneys. General requirements. The following classes are distinguished: T80-T140 – low-temperature class, T160-T400 – medium-temperature class and T450-T600 – high-temperature class.

Chimney systems manufactured by MK Systemy Kominowe belong to the highest temperature class T450-T600

  • P is the positive pressure class
  • N is the negative pressure class – depending on their method of operation chimneys are divided into:

– negative pressure – class N – working with a natural draught and exhausting fumes from devices with an open combustion chamber – type B heating devices;

– positive-pressure – class P – heaters with a closed combustion chamber of the turbo type or condensing devices equipped with a fan.

MK Systemy Kominowe offers systems that work with both negative and positive pressure. 

  • W designates wet operating conditions
  • D is for dry operating conditions, referred to as resistance to condensate, can be divided into chimneys working in wet conditions (where it is possible for condensation to occur in the chimney flue; this is particularly true for the class T80-T160 chimneys) and chimneys working in dry conditions (temperature classes T200 -T600).

MK Systemy Kominowe offers systems that work both in wet conditions (with a seal ) and dry conditions.

  • O designates lack of resistance to soot fire;
  • G signifies resistance to soot fire – chimneys resistant to soot fire are marked as class G (soot fire temperature above 1000°C) and those that are not resistant are marked as class O.

MK Systemy Kominowe also offers systems that are soot fire resistant.

  • xx is the distance from combustible materials, expressed as a number, for example 50. This means that the distance from combustible materials should be at least 50 mm.

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