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System working in positive pressure (with a seal)

The starting point for the selection of the chimney structure is always the boiler and an analysis of the method and options for installation.

The choice regarding the method of operation (negative or positive pressure) is dictated by the type of boiler.

The selection and design of positive pressure combustion installations must be performed exactly in line with the indications of the boiler manufacturer or those of the producer of the combustion system components. Assembly is very important in the case of positive pressure systems. It is the installer who is responsible for the system’s tightness – this means the safety of boiler operation. Please note that in the case of a room where a turbo or condensing boiler is installed and fume extraction is performed through a separated system, it is necessary to provide a ventilation grille with an area of at least. 150 mm².

MK Systemy Kominowe offers systems for condensing and turbo boilers working in positive pressure.

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