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Condensate Drainage Systems

Condensate, which is a mixture of water molecules with harmful byproducts resulting from the combustion process, can be very detrimental when present inside ducts as it can lead to corrosion. The action of condensate can contribute to the formation of leaks and the infiltration of contaminants into building interiors. To prevent such situations, special condensate drainage systems are used, and you can find them in MK Żary’s offerings.

Efficient Condensate Removal from Systems

Condensate forms in wet-working chimney installations, and its effective removal is crucial. The system is responsible for transporting condensate to a neutralizer, where its pH is lowered to a safe level. It then drains the neutralized condensate into the wastewater system.

MK Żary specializes in the production and installation of condensate drainage systems. These systems are made from ½”, 1″, and 2″ pipes and include a complete service, including valves and mounting components.

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