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Industrial and Gastronomic Hoods

MK Żary also offers a wide selection of high-quality industrial hoods for technological vapors. The primary purpose of these devices is efficient removal of all vapors, gases, and dust, thereby preventing them from entering the indoor air. They positively impact the well-being and comfort of individuals in these spaces.

Effective removal of contaminants using hoods

Hoods are primarily used in industrial halls, production facilities, warehouses, and anywhere effective removal of contaminants generated during various technological processes is necessary. MK Żary offers a service for designing and manufacturing devices tailored to the users’ expectations and the parameters of the rooms in which they will operate.

Another type of hoods are gastronomic models. They are installed above various kitchen appliances. They primarily remove smoke, odors, grease vapors, and steam from the kitchen. Thanks to their special design, this is done efficiently and in a short amount of time. Gastronomic hoods are equipped with special grease traps to prevent the infiltration of grease particles into their interiors. This allows them to serve reliably for a long time. Hoods can be equipped with fans that assist in their operation.

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