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Protective boiler, chimney, and flue enclosures

MK Żary manufactures high-quality enclosures designed to protect boilers, chimneys, and flues. These components are made from stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and adverse environmental factors. Their primary purpose is to ensure safety and protect against mechanical damage.

Enclosures are commonly used in industrial plants, production facilities, and anywhere it’s necessary to safeguard various equipment and installations. An essential function of these enclosures is to protect individuals from burns when they are in the vicinity. They are made from materials resistant to high temperatures. Additionally, enclosures enhance the aesthetics of the structures in which they are installed.

Our investment department specializes in designing protective enclosures for chimneys, boilers, and flues. These enclosures are tailor-made to meet specific needs and requirements. We invite you to contact our advisors to discuss all the details.

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