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Specialized Elements for Flue Gas Cooling – Cyclones

MK Żary also specializes in the production of specialized components for flue gas cooling, known as cyclones. These components serve a crucial function and must be properly designed and manufactured. Their primary purpose is to reduce the temperature of flue gases in installations, primarily for safety, equipment efficiency, and environmental concerns.

Effective Flue Gas Cooling with Cyclones

Excessively high flue gas temperatures can damage individual chimney components, lead to leaks through which harmful substances can escape, and increase the emission of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which have a detrimental impact on human health and the environment. Additionally, high flue gas temperatures result in lower energy efficiency, as heat is not utilized effectively and quickly dissipates through the chimney. Lowering the temperature is necessary to ensure the efficiency, safety, and operation of heating systems.

The main component of a cyclone is a pipe that draws in outside air. The flue gases mix with the incoming air, allowing their temperature to decrease. They are then transported to the chimney, where they no longer pose a danger.

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality cyclones made from durable and robust materials.

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