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Specialized Insulation and Fastenings for Silencers, Heat Exchangers and Chimney Caps

The fastenings offered by MK Żary are created using mineral wool and then protected with a stainless steel casing. These components are used to protect parts of the installation such as silencers, heat exchangers, and chimney caps.

These fastenings serve several functions:

  1. Protective: They provide protection against high temperatures and shield users from burns in case they come into contact with any of the elements.
  2. Insulating: The mineral wool reduces heat losses, making it suitable for heat recovery, such as cogeneration, due to its low heat transfer coefficient.
  3. Protective: They slow down corrosion processes since they are made of stainless steel, protecting individual installation components from moisture.
  4. Acoustic: They reduce noise emitted by devices.

MK Żary specializes in manufacturing fastenings for elements provided by customers. Our services can also be performed directly on-site. We invite you to explore a full range of offerings and consider collaboration.

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