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Flares and Burners for Emergency Combustion of Biogas and Natural Gas

MK Żary specializes in manufacturing specialized gas flares and burners for flares. We design and produce these devices according to customer expectations based on provided documentation. These are high-quality devices made from materials that are resistant to adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage.

A gas flare is a device designed for the additional combustion of biogas or natural gas in situations where there is a break in the operation of units, equipment malfunctions, or an excess of biogas production. This device protects the installation from leakage and damage, ensuring the optimal combustion of unutilized gas that might otherwise escape into the environment and cause significant harm.

Gas flares are used in places such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and biogas plants. These devices are installed wherever the by-product is the release of natural gas or biogas that cannot be managed in any other way than by burning it in the air. Thus, flares protect the entire infrastructure from explosions.

We encourage you to take advantage of MK Żary’s services for designing and manufacturing flares and burners for them. We provide professional guidance and the highest-quality products.

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