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Specialized Chimney Accessories

Implosion Dampers

Chimney systems are designed to efficiently vent exhaust gases outside of buildings. When they function correctly, both temperature and pressure inside the chimneys pose no threat. However, unforeseen situations can occur when the entire system ceases to function properly. One of the potential dangers is implosion, which is typically the result of significant negative pressure.

Effective Protection for Chimney Ducts

Implosion is most commonly associated with a significant drop in pressure within ducts. This situation is dangerous primarily because it can lead to the suction of individual chimney components into the interior. To protect against this threat, implosion dampers are used. These are critical elements of a chimney system. They are installed to ensure the safety of both the entire system and its users.

Safety Through Implosion Dampers

Implosion dampers reduce the pressure inside the installation and return it to the appropriate level. One of their significant advantages is that they close automatically after fulfilling their function, enhancing the safety of chimney ducts. Implosion dampers are mainly used in:

• Heat recovery systems
• Power generators

The opening pressure range of the damper models available in MK Żary’s offerings is between 10,000 and 20,000 Pa. Pressure adjustment is achieved by tightening or loosening screws. They are made from durable materials that ensure longevity and efficient operation.

Explosion Dampers

The opposite of implosion is an explosion, which involves a burst outside the chimney duct. Both of these phenomena are highly dangerous not only for users but also for the entire system. Effective protection of chimney ducts against unforeseen explosions is necessary. For this purpose, explosion dampers are used.

High-Quality Explosion Dampers

Explosion dampers are primarily used to safeguard exhaust chimney installations. Their purpose is to protect the individual components from the effects of a potential explosion. They also aim to prevent leaks in the connections that could lead to a sudden and uncontrolled increase in pressure within the ducts. An explosion poses a significant risk to the damage of chimney components and creates a substantial danger to individuals nearby. This is why the use of explosion dampers is crucial.

Effective Protection against Chimney Explosions

MK Żary offers reliable explosion dampers made from durable materials resistant to high temperatures and other adverse factors. These are proven products distinguished not only by their high quality but also their reliability. Their primary function is to facilitate controlled venting of the explosion to the atmosphere, thus reducing the pressure inside the installation to a safe level.

The models available in the range have an opening range for the damper between 20,000 and 50,000 Pa. The exact pressure value is adjustable using special screws. To increase or decrease it, you simply tighten or loosen these components. An important advantage of these dampers is their automatic closure after venting the explosion. This way, they cut off the airflow into the interior of the duct.

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